Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Leather workers of Fes

Maybe some of you have seen this scene in some tourist books about Morocco. This is the view of the famous leather district's production court of Fes' Medina. Here leather workers are producing different color leathers with natural coloring ingredients. To be able to take a picture like this it is necessary to go up to a terrace of one of the surrounding buildings. That means you have to go through one of the leather shops and go through the whole sales pitch process of leather sellers. But it is worth it. We were lucky regarding the smell since it rained last couple of days and it is not very warm. We are told that the smell is unbearable during the hot summer days. Actually, they offered us mint leaves to cover our noses.

Although the scene is impressive and interesting to take pictures (we were not lucky with colors because they were doing that day black and while leather coloring) I have to say that I felt sorry for the workers due to the bad conditions they work. The leather of Fes is famous and was used also in book bindings in the history.

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