Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Magnificient sand dunes of Merzouga

This was the view from the hotel we stayed in Merzouga. It is first time for me on a desert. It is absolutely breath taking.Next day we started our ride on the desert. It was a difficult day. We made only 80 km that day. There was a section of 10km sand dunes and we spent there at least 3 hours. Everybody dropped the bikes but no big damages. It is a different world here and I like it.


SKY said...

yahu mis gibi manzarayı iphone ile çekmişsin :)
hmm, ya da d40 ile de çektin ama henüz yüklemedin..
takipteyiz, keyifli yollar diliyorum

viatormundi said...

Blog'a iPhone ile cektigim fotolari koyabiliyorum gezi sirasinda. Merak etme D40 ile cekilmis versiyonlari da var.