Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some practice driving

Today the weather is finally good. I wanted to test my new Leatt Brace if it is comfortable to wear while driving on the asphalt.
Unfortunately it limits the head movement a lot. It is better if I can
wear it under my jacket as it supposed to be but my jacket is not
designed for that. I guess I will not take the Leatt to Morocco this
time. I have no time or money to buy a new jacket. It has been a while
I haven't driven my bike. It is nice to be on the saddle again. I
should practice more to get in shape before Morocco.
I want to test the video camera before I leave. Maybe I can set it up
good enough.


SKY said...

Go! Go! Go!
Wish you a beautiful trip :)
Can't wait to read daily reports

viatormundi said...

Thx man!